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Shanghai Blower Works Co., Ltd.
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General Information
Shanghai Blower Works Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise that has introduced the foreign technology in the fan field of the fan industry in China. Its fan technology comes from the German TLT-Turbo GmbH, the leader in the international fan market. Centrifugal Fans Shanghai Blower Works Co., Ltd. has a complete range of centrifugal fans, that is 84 models in total, with the maximum efficiency up to 90%, and it can provide the optimal fans for various cases, to achieve the goals such as low investment cost and low operation cost, high reliability, long service life, low noise, etc. The technical parameters of TLT-Turbo centrifugal fans are in a wide range, with maximum flow 6 million m3/h, maximum pressure 95,000 Pa, maximum temperature 700?, and dust content up to 150g/Nm3. The parameters can cover the full range of industrial centrifugal fans; meanwhile, the method“to act according to actual conditions” is used, in other words, to obtain the type of fan whose parameters are totally matched as per modularization based on the parameters provided by the user, so that the fan operates in the range of peak efficiency, which avoids the limits that the domestic type series with mismatching parameters are forced together and that the pressure is higher but the structural strength fails to meet the requirement of linear speed. Axial-flow Fans The axial-flow fans of Shanghai Blower Works Co., Ltd. are the mature products supplied on the basis of a lot of actual operation experiences and after a great deal of aerodynamic model tests. The fans are designed in series, with standardized components and maximum efficiency up to 90%. The technical parameters of TLT-Turbo axial-flow fans FAF SAF PAF GAF RAF are in a wide range, with maximum flow 15 million m3/h, maximum pressure 20,000 Pa, and maximum temperature 300?. In order to meet the demands of users as best as Shanghai Blower Works Co., Ltd. can, it has realized the fans with optimal technical & economical index and safe & reliable structure by changing the rotor-hub ratio, number of blades, length of blade chord and blade angle. Due to the blade angle adjustable in the operation, the fan can meet the flow and pressure requirements of the user. Shanghai Blower Works Co.,Ltd.(SBW) was established in 1947 and has a history of 70 years enterprise. SBW is one of the large scale backbone enterprise in China machine manufacturing industry. SBW specializes in production of various large axial flow and centrifugal fans, centrifugal compressors, Roots blowers, and various mating silencers, Rigiflex shaft couplings. The products are widely used in the fields of thermal power stations, nuclear power stations, hydraulic power stations, steel, mines, tunnel, petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, construction material, textile, light industry, shipbuilding, building ventilation and defense industries etc. And also the products have been exported to nearly 30 countries and regions in the word for various projects. SBW design and produce mechanical variable blade pitch axial fan and vane adjustment axial flow fan for China’s first 300MW thermal power station, meeting the construction requirements of domestic large thermal power stations at that time. With the China rapid development of the electric power industry, SBW introduced the large fans technology from the German TLT-Turbo GmbH for adjustable blades axial fan System Dingler FAF SAF PAF GAF RAF and axial impulse type System KK&K and System Babcock G, industrial centrifugal fans and the mating silencers and Rigiflex shaft coupling technology together. In the same time SBW also introduced the fans technology from the Denmark NOVENCO Building & Industry A/S, from the German BSI GmbH and Japan Hitachi, Ltd for other types of fans & blowers and compressors. SBW can produce various types of FD, ID, PA fans and FGD fans required by large thermal power stations under 1500MW, including variable adjustable blades axial flow fans and centrifugal fans. SBW also produced fans for 300MW~900MW nuclear power stations. Since we introduced the fan technology from the German TLT-Turbo GmbH for producing fans, SBW has supplied more than hundreds power plants both domestic and abroad, thousands of fans for 200MW, 300MW, 600MW, 900MW Units (FD, ID and PA fans). They are all running normally currently. Our power stations fans products got good appraisement by domestic and overseas customers. SBW is one of the first company in fan industry for getting ISO9001QA certification through VTIL Company in China and FMRC in USA. SBW occupies an area of 109000 square meter, with a building area 76000 square meter. The present staff number of 770, including 200 people for engineering and quality assurance, and 100 technical workers. SBW has 60 sets of big precise equipment and imported CNC machining centers for fan manufacture processing high quality assurance. h quality assurance.
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